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The exercises have been created by professionals, qualified in teaching English as a foreign language. So this is the place to be if you are a learner of English eager to practise and improve, or a teacher of English in need of exercises for lessons. Effective exercises, successful learning.


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Well, it is a good idea to make one :) If you are absolutely unwilling to do so, don’t worry, you can still register. Just send us an email to info [at] englistation [dot] com , and we can do it through bank transfer as well.
With the single choice test you can choose only one right answer. With the multiple choice you have to choose 2 (or more) right answers.
Admittedly, it may happen that there are other solutions to certain questions or grammatical phenomena. However, the problem might be that the task is something else than what you anticipated so make sure to read the exercise carefully. For example, if the exercise says that you should only use 'which' or 'who', then your answer with 'that' might not be accepted.
When you click on "Tests" you can select the "Number of tasks" from a dropdown menu, this will be the total number of the tasks (tests) you will get. And you can also select "Number of exercises per page", this will be the number of tasks on one page, not altogether.
No. You should experiment and try several levels, you wil surely find tasks suitable and useful for you on two or three levels, because most of us have different skills in grammatical accuracy and vocabulary, for example. And the levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) in fact incorporate tasks of slightly different difficulty levels.
If you are not sure what your level is but you have learnt some English in your life, then start by doing some A2 tests and start from there. If you find them too easy, go to B1, and so on :)
Yes, it is. It just means that the site is secure and you are also absolutely safe when you are on the website.
No. The subscription does not continue automatically, and we do not take money automatically. Once your subscription has expired and you decide to continue, you have to subscribe again and you yourself will pay via paypal again. If you have problems with paypal, please contact us.
In case you gave the wrong password more than three times, the system might block you. If that happens, please send us an email to info [at] englistation [dot] com and we will unblock you as soon as possible.

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A very useful website. I can practise everything and improve my English.

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I know the creators of this site. For me, that’s a guarantee – the most professional

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I use the site for my English classes and I always find what I and my

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It is always a relaxed atmosphere, good learning ideas and nice members – and administrators, who

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The site is beautiful and sophisticated. I really like the comments at the test results! I

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Best place to practise my English! Also funny.


Love it!!!!

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